Our Amber collection features beautiful jewelry pieces crafted from the rarest and highest-quality amber stones. From delicate earrings to statement necklaces, each piece is designed to showcase the natural beauty of amber and add a touch of warmth and elegance to any outfit.



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Amber ball studs

Regular price 1.431 KčSale price 790 Kč

Oval amber earrings

Regular price 2.295 KčSale price 1.320 Kč

Square amber earrings

Regular price 2.349 KčSale price 1.540 Kč

Detailed amber drop pendant

Regular price 3.213 KčSale price 2.892 Kč

Amber heart pendant

Regular price 2.943 KčSale price 1.750 Kč

Protected amber ring

Regular price 2.990 KčSale price 2.691 Kč

Pear amber ring

Regular price 2.673 KčSale price 2.590 Kč

Teardrop amber ring

Regular price 3.320 KčSale price 2.988 Kč

Amber ball pendant

Regular price 2.673 KčSale price 890 Kč

Amber drop earrings

Regular price 2.133 KčSale price 1.230 Kč

Round amber earrings

Regular price 2.268 KčSale price 1.390 Kč

Square honey amber earrings

Regular price 2.349 KčSale price 1.540 Kč

Oval amber gold pendant

Regular price 7.690 KčSale price 6.921 Kč