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  • Yellow Gold
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  • Gold Vermeil


  • Diamond
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Onyx
  • Pearl


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Rosary bracelet with onyxes

Regular price 6.890 Kč

Gold plated silver bracelet with onyxes

Regular price 1.590 Kč

Gold bracelet with interesting pattern

Regular price 12.690 Kč

Silver tennis bracelet with onyx

Regular price 6.990 Kč

Elegant Onyx tennis bracelet

Regular price 4.490 Kč

Diamond tennis bracelet

Regular price 88.590 Kč

Fine gold rosary bracelet

Regular price 5.490 Kč

Massive gold curb bracelet

Regular price 25.490 Kč

Bracelet with intricate articles

Regular price 19.500 Kč

Harmony gold bracelet

Regular price 16.590 Kč

Delicate anchor chain bracelet

Regular price 14.190 Kč

Fine gold rope bracelet

Regular price 8.590 Kč