History of Jewelry : From Prehistory to Today

History of Jewelry : From Prehistory to Today

Jewelry not only serves as decoration but also has a rich history.

Tracing its development from processed bones to today's cut diamonds is fascinating. Today, we'll briefly remind you how far back the history of jewelry goes.

1. Prehistoric Jewelry

Even in ancient times, people had the desire to adorn themselves. The very first jewelry was made from natural materials like bones, stones, teeth, and shells. At that time, jewelry served more as amulets and was connected to various rituals and beliefs.


2. Ancient Times

When we mention ancient times, many of you might envision the magnificent jewelry adorning Cleopatra or Caesar's laurel wreath. In Egypt, Greece, and Rome, power and elegance prevailed. Jewelry also had ritual significance and was a symbol of wealth and power. During this period, we see elaborately crafted pieces adorned with precious gemstones.

3. Middle Ages:

During this period, the key is the RENAISSANCE STYLE, which applies not only to architecture but also to jewelry. Jewelry becomes an expression of religion and is often made from precious metals. Gold is used to signify wealth, as seen in crowns, brooches, or golden necklaces. Royalty certainly had an abundance of these, don't you think?

4. Modern/Contemporary Era:

The time when jewelry becomes associated with fashion icons. Jewelry enters the fashion industry, bringing new processing techniques and materials like glass and plastic. Designers introduce new shapes and combinations of metals and gemstones. We are still stuck in this era, meaning jewelry continues to evolve, reflecting fashion trends and individual tastes.

It's all very fascinating, but it has been a long journey. Nevertheless, it's clear that jewelry not only adorns our bodies but also reflects our values, culture, and beliefs. Today, it's all about what you personally like – you are the ones who wear the jewelry!