Yellow Gold

Our Yellow Gold Collection features stunning pieces crafted from 14kt and 18kt yellow gold. From classic designs to modern styles, this collection offers something for everyone. Each piece is expertly crafted to the highest quality standards.



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  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Synthetic Ruby
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Onyx rosary necklace

Regular price 20.190 Kč

Yellow gold razor blade pendant

Regular price 5.490 Kč

Gold owl charm

Regular price 26.290 KčSale price 22.346 Kč

Snake design pendant

Regular price 14.790 Kč

Elegant polished gold chain bracelet

Regular price 12.490 Kč

Timeless gold chain wristband for men

Regular price 25.490 Kč

Yellow gold men chain bracelet

Regular price 29.900 Kč

Dual tone gold chain wristband for men

Regular price 19.490 Kč

Polished gold wristband for men

Regular price 13.900 Kč

Yellow gold men bracelet

Regular price 17.900 Kč

Gold lizard pendant with synthetic gems

Regular price 12.990 KčSale price 11.041 Kč

Dragonfly charm pendant in yellow gold

Regular price 16.790 Kč

Classic round garnet studs

Regular price 6.190 Kč

Round garnet gold studs

Regular price 6.590 Kč