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Wedding Rings

The Wedding Rings collection by Princess Jewellery offers a range of exquisite and timeless wedding bands for couples. Crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, each ring is designed to symbolize the love and commitment between two people.



  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Sterling Silver


  • Diamond
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald


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One line diamond ring

Regular price 42.930 Kč

One cubic zirconia line gold ring

Regular price 6.723 Kč

Sapphire and diamonds band

Regular price 52.920 Kč

Princess sapphire and diamond band

Regular price 42.930 Kč

Channel-set diamond gold band

Regular price 121.230 Kč

Shiny white and yellow band ring

Regular price 5.913 Kč

Gold and diamond ring

Regular price 40.230 Kč

Two-row cubic zirconia pave gold band

Regular price 10.125 Kč

Chanel cubic zirconia line gold ring

Regular price 9.423 Kč

Thin cubic zirconia gold band

Regular price 6.183 Kč

Shiny stripes gold ring

Regular price 12.393 Kč

Cubic zirconia dots gold ring

Regular price 8.343 Kč

Net gold and cubic zirconia ring

Regular price 8.883 Kč